A total of 31 people were shot dead and 50 injured Saturday and Sunday within 13 hours in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Everything started in Texas’s border city of El Paso when a shooting gunman opened fire in the Walmart during the daytime in two countries. Hours later, in the middle of the night in a nightclub in the Dayton district, another deadly attack took place.

A gunman opened fire in a Walmart packed with shoppers on the Texas borders on Saturday morning. Twenty-two people murdered, and two dozen injured, many of them critical.

Family and friends have gradually revealed the names of the victims. Two of the killing were a couple married, one who gave her life sheltering from gunfire her two-month-old son.

The rapid police response— 30 seconds— probably reduced the bloodshed. But the entire shooter had to kill nine individuals and injure more than two dozen others for 30 seconds. Police released safety camera footage that showed officers taking the suspect seconds in front of a liquor store before the suspect being found dead.

All nine were identified as the murdered victims at Dayton. One is his sister, and the police told him that she drove him to the scene. Another student was a graduate who was interning in a Dayton facility that seeks to improve the quality of life for cancer-fighting people. Murder of a nursing student who was the mother of two kids, one of whom was a baby also happened.


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